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This last point is special because the interest we pay with our credit cards is very close to usurious interest. If you want to see what prices financial institutions charge today in this regard, check out our ranking of the best credit cards. You can also consult our economic indicators to find out the average interest rates of other credit products. Always ask for balances that charge fees to the extent permitted by law. Similarly, the regulator recalled that “the interest rates of fees and moratoriums can not exceed 1.5 times the current bank rates©, or 25.77% of annual cash for the consumer and ordinary credit modality and 57.21% of annual cash for the microcredit modality©©”. It is the market that sets the rate of wear. The Financial Supervisory Authority of Colombia is the body that certifies it. To do this, it validates each month the information provided by the credit institutions and performs the calculation to report it. This is a brand new type of loan that tries to combat got-by-drop.

Therefore, so far, the average rate of small loans (up to 2 minimum wages) granted last year has been determined. Unlike previous loan types, only loans deferred up to 36 months are considered here. Check monthly how high the wear rate is. This will let you know when it`s a good idea to manage your debt to improve your terms. Keep in mind that credit cards charge interest rates very close to usurious interest. If you already have a loan that charges more than the usury rate, remember that this action is illegal. Therefore, you can sue the lender and ask the judge to charge you a fair price. This, of course, as long as your security is not compromised.

At this point, you`ll probably want to read our guide to getting out of drip. The IBC for the microcredit modality will be 37.47%, 11 basis points more (0.11%) compared to the previous certification (37.36%). (Read: See the usury rate for consumer credit and tax late interest that comes into effect in December) Pay your obligations. If you want to improve interest rates, you`d better consider buying a portfolio. These will always improve your interest rate. At the above rates, a decrease is levied compared to the rates set for the period from 1 to 31 December 2020; Thus, the current bank interest rate in December 2020 was effectively 17.46% annually, which represents a decrease of 0.14% compared to the interest rate set for January 2021. Take information from all consumption, business, and credit card balances for the past 4 weeks. To this end, they consult, among others, banks, financial companies, finance companies and cooperatives.

With this information, they determine an average of the effective annual rates that companies have calculated during that period. In the second case, we have to charge the interest rate they charge us. This is done by dividing the value of interest by the loan amount and multiplying it by 100. As long as our loan is with formal financial institutions, we can be sure that the interest we pay does not exceed the usurious interest. However, with informal credits (drop by drop, street credits, paychecks), everything changes. Luz Eucaris, good morning. I do not think so, so I do not agree with your opinion. In my opinion, if a loan is applied for when no interest has been agreed, suddenly by forgetfulness or because the deceased wanted it, do not ask for it, but ask for indexation or a currency update; Durum est lex, sed lex (hard is the law, but it is the law). Best wishes. Whenever we find that we are paying interest above the usurious rate, we can sue our lender.

Remember that the rate of wear and tear is a crime. In these cases, your lawsuit should ask a judge to force your lender: if you see the rate of wear and tear increase, the purchases you make with your credit card will pay more interest the following month. If the interest rate drops, you may want to consider buybacks or portfolio purchases, or even pending purchases. This is the reference interest rate for calculating usurious interest. The financial regulator certifies it every month and calculates it like this: when they lend us money (or when we borrow money), an interest rate is charged. This rate is expressed as a percentage: for example, 28% per year. However, sometimes they tell us the value we will pay in addition to what they have lent us: 300,000 pesos per year and per million, for example. When we talk about payment or recognition of interest, we usually associate it with current bank interest, default interest and usurious interest, but there is an interest rate that is legally called such, statutory interest. In addition to the approach, the exchange rate is also rising ahead of tomorrow`s U.S. unemployment data.

In 2021, this award fell to its highest level in 10 years due to the impact of the pandemic and to help citizens meet their financial obligations. fluctuates between 25.98% at the beginning of the year and ends at 26.19%. The usurious interest rate results from multiplying 1.5 by the current bank interest rate of each loan modality. To arrive at the result, it is therefore necessary to take a look at how the current bank interest rates are calculated. This is a great time to schedule new credits (if you need them) or trade the ones you already have. The latter works very well with credit cards. Keep in mind that a redemption will update the interest rate on your debt at the latest on the market. Knowing the rate of wear and tear allows us to manage our debts in order to seek better conditions. What we need is to review the evolution of the rate of wear and tear in recent months. Is it declining? Did it stay the same? Are things improving? Below are graphs of wear rate values for the last four years.

In Colombia, legal interest is provided for in article 1617 of the Civil Code, which sets it at 6% per year. Finally, in a rule, doctrine or jurisprudence, we find the notion of legal interest, which is sometimes confused with another type of interest. The rate of wear is always given in annual efficiency. To find out the monthly wear rate, you can follow our interest rate conversion guide or consult the table below: This percentage would be the interest rate we paid for 3 months on the money they lent us. This is clearly a rate that is higher than the rate of wear and tear. While it seems logical and desirable to have a marginal rate to lend money, not all countries have one. In fact, only Colombia and Chile currently have a rate of usury by law. In the first case, we must ensure the periodicity of the sentence. That is, if this percentage is calculated monthly, quarterly, annually. Tunja, April 6, 2022.- Good morning. The issue of interest of 6% per annum, we know that it applies to civil obligations, in accordance with Art. 1617 C.civil.

However, in a show cause proceeding, the civil district judge assumed that the owner had made improvements and recognized them at trial on October 10, 2019, worth $160,000,000. Taking the view that the purity of the expert report was required after reply to the request, the applicant appealed. The Court of Second Instance of June 2021 confirmed the value of the improvements. In this case, the court issued an executive order in the 2021 coverage and ordered that the principal amount plus default interest be paid at the maximum rate of the super financier, as the case was civil in nature. In addition, he specified that it was the judgment of first instance, so since October 2019, a decision that is arronea because it must be until the enforceability of the judgment in June 2021. What are your criteria? When we talk about legal interest, we are talking about the 6% provided for in Article 1617 of the Civil Code.



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