T Series Requirements

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Master Technician status is achieved when you obtain certification in all testing areas required for this series. For example, technicians certified in exams A1 to A8 are master automotive technicians. Those who are certified in the T2 to T8 tests are master technicians of medium/heavy trucks and so on. However, the status of master technician is not for life. You must keep each of these certifications up to date to achieve Master Technician status. If you lose Master Technician status due to the expiration of one or more required certifications, it can be restored by passing and passing recertification tests. Evaluators assess the quality of your training program. You expect clear goals and a thorough program design that demonstrates your foresight, skills, and understanding of what a research program entails. Define the characteristics of the program, special seminar series and postdoctoral rotations. Identify a technician`s knowledge of skills that meet the requirements of the training program. ASE Certification Test SeriesClick the title of the test series to view the details of that series.

The B6 certification test is designed for those who make estimates for collision damage repair. ASE offers separate B2 to B5 test series, specifically designed for technicians who perform repairs in body shops. For more information on training grant requirements, read the T32 and T35 funding opportunity announcements under Opportunities and Announcements. Details of the above assessments and corresponding training requirements can be found on the corresponding information page: Be sure to consider rigor and reproducibility. Review the requirements on the NIH Improving Reproducibility through Rigor and Transparency page. Technicians must retest every five years to maintain their certification. Since the G1 test of this series began in July 2013, a recertification version will debut in 2018. Describe how your institution will ensure that trainees only participate in 1) exempt or non-exempt research approved by the Institutional Review Board (IRB) and 2) vertebrate animal research approved by the Institutional Committee on Animal Care and Use (CIUC).

Include this information in the Human or Vertebrate Animal Subjects section of the PHS 398 Research Training Program Plan. You should also read the training instructions and resources on the xTrain website and the eRA – xTrain training website. Identification and recognition of light service and repair technicians who can demonstrate knowledge of the skills required to successfully perform the most common light maintenance and repair tasks. Send three pages or less to your academic reviewer at least 30 days before the exam meeting. Attach a note from your office indicating that you agree or ask your organization`s authorized representative to send the information on your behalf. Email AITrainingHelpDesk@mail.nih.gov, NIAID`s Research Training Manager if you have any questions about our scholarship programs. For postdoctoral appointments that require the filing of a reimbursement agreement with an original signature, mail the form to Identification and recognition of estimators who know the skills to properly analyze and estimate the damage caused by a collision. Senior Military Technician Certification Requirements: Those who are certified to MIL2 – MIL8 tests are recognized as ASE Certified Wheeled Tactical Military Technicians. More information on these criteria can be found in the Institutional Research Training Grants (T32) Funding Opportunity Announcement.

Another key element is a critical mass of researchers with sufficient research experience who can demonstrate a history of publishing and funding NIH, NSF, HHMI or similar agencies. Too many young scientists or people without funding can have a negative impact on overall impact and funding opportunities. The L3 test includes a certification test reference document that identifies the hybrid/electric vehicle technology concepts included in the L3 test. This document will be available as a contextual electronic document during the test. All test questions follow the information in the document to ensure that the test content remains consistent and understandable to technicians, regardless of their area of expertise for hybrid/electric vehicles. Click on the link below to download the study guide and verify this information before the L3 test. If you already have a NIAID T32 or T35 (Type 5) and want to apply for concurrent renewal (Type 2), follow the NIAID policy at the time of application. T35s can be awarded for periods of up to five years and are renewable.

Interns must complete two to three months of full-time research training and devote at least 40 hours per week to the program. To see the guidelines reviewers follow for each type of training grant, see the T Awards (Training) section of the NIH Review Guidelines. To register for the regular L1 certification exam, you must have passed the Automotive Engine Performance Test (A8). To register for the Advanced Engine Performance Specialist Test (L1R) recertification, you must have already passed the regular L1 test. To create and submit appointments, renewals, changes and cancellations with xTrain, you need an eRA Commons account. For more information about getting an account, see Create and edit an account from eRA. The Automotive Service Advisor (C1) test contains 50 assessed questions on communication, customer and internal relationships, knowledge of vehicle systems, sales skills, and shop floor operations. For more information on the post-submission materials policy, see the NIH FAQ. ESA launched this series of tests with support from the U.S. Department of Transportation and the American Public Transportation Association (APTA). While many of these tests are conducted in conjunction with the ESA tests for medium-duty trucks and school buses, each was tested to test knowledge of transit bus-specific systems.

The proposed director of the institution`s training program must be an established and recognized scientist, usually with the rank of professor or equivalent, with a long track record. This guide contains test specifications, task lists, sample test questions, and training resources. Principal investigators who lead research or training programs at an institution typically apply for a grant. Budding researchers should contact their institution for training opportunities. If your project loses funding after the first year, you can complete your payback period through ongoing research or teaching for at least half a day (20 hours per week). Unless there are serious extenuating circumstances, you must make the repayment within two years of the end of the support. For more data and statistics, see NIH Extramural Formation Mechanisms. The exhaust system test (X1) contains 40 evaluated questions on exhaust system inspection and repair, emission system manufacturing, installation, diagnostics and repair, and exhaust system repair regulations. Light Vehicle and Truck Study Guide: Includes A1 to A9 testing, vehicle service advisor (C1), old CNG fuels (F1) and exhaust systems (X1). For an overview of the peer review process and information about the review criteria that you can use to create a robust application, see Understanding the review process.



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