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For many years, however, it was different and broadcasting on sites like was considered a legal gray area. The Court of Justice of the European Union changed this unclear legal situation in 2017 in a precedent. Since then, it has not only been illegal to offer copyrighted content without permission, but also to distribute it. However, there are also ads that encourage you to download various programs. We haven`t checked which ones, but we assume it`s nothing good and probably malware. The situation is very reminiscent of the Burning series and cases. So, if you act against our warnings and visit one of the portals, you should at least make sure that you are using an up-to-date antivirus. can be reached not only under the domain of the same name, but also under “”. However, we doubt that the second web address can be a mirror link of the original.

Unlike “”, “” displays various advertisements. The most harmless of them lead to various erotic portals. A huge number of streaming sites offer a considerable collection of free streams of current movies and series, most of which are already in the early stages of theaters or seasons. IOMovies, Subsmovies, Yomovies, Movies123, GoMovies, Oakmovies, Streamworld, Movie8k, HDfilme.TV, Kinomax,, (formerly,, or – the list could be continued indefinitely, the principle remains the same. The operators of the pages are clearly acting illegally, because putting film and series productions without any authorization and license of the authors on the net is a criminal offense. But what about the users of these streaming providers? Anyone who only surfs on doesn`t have to fear legal consequences, but anyone who plays one or more of the streams on offer should at least expect a warning and associated costs. These are 150 euros plus the license fee of five to ten euros per streamed content. You are even better advised if you do without it and go directly to one of the legal streaming services. You don`t even have to pay for it. There are many law-compliant streaming providers where you can watch movies and series for free. If you subscribe to one or more of the premium providers such as Netflix, Amazon Prime Video or Disney Plus, you have even more choices. At, fans of movies and series can expect a dream to come true.

Countless movies and series are available on the portal for free streaming. The catch, however, is that the streaming portal operators are acting illegally with this offer and are also putting its users in a legally questionable situation. Mass and completely free series and movies are available on The question is whether everything is fine with the streaming portal or whether the offer is illegal. At you will always find current movies, HD movies for free as an online stream directly to watch. Always offer the fastest feed for free: is it legal for users? Not since a ruling by the Court of Justice of the European Union in April 2017. Here are some facts about the legal situation. This is legal if you don`t use a VPN and can`t download movies but can just stream them. This is an innovation made possible by Germany, and it ranks #399 when it comes to the ranking category of countries. For several months, simulated traffic on this site has decreased by 5.51% compared to the previous month. In September, the site received 6.9 million visits, but in July, this site had 7.5 million visits.

If there are issues with the “” domain, use only our following alternate domains for security reasons: However, a warning should not be paid immediately, but must first be checked for legality. From time to time, payment requests may be an attempt at fraud. is not illegal, does not host its own feeds but only links embedded codes. In 2018, there was a legal dispute between Constantin Film and Vodafone. The rights holder wanted the ISP to block its customers` access to the streaming portal. In the end, Vodafone was asked to do so with a preliminary injunction. in itself is not illegal. In Switzerland, watching online streams is legal. This is legal if you don`t use a VPN and can`t download movies but can just stream them. be illegal in your country depending on the flow. The input and use of the site for various audio, video and file formats as well as DVDs, video CDs and Filmpalast.To media based on the German invention. The website mainly allows users to watch movies and series.

If you`re located outside of Germany and can`t access this app, we don`t recommend using a VPN or third-party app. The site also uses Google marketing platforms such as Googe Adsense, Double Click, and many other worthy apps to track its digital audience. You may be wondering what is the possible alternative to Filmpalast movie streaming source. Even if you are interested in watching movies in German, you may be more curious to find more alternatives. We have found a few alternatives for this movie and series streaming site after pointing to trustworthy websites. We were able to cover these results after referencing similarweb. The statement was implemented with a DNS lock. Since then, it has been a commonly used way to prevent access to streaming sites such as In order to become even more efficient, various rights holders and ISPs joined forces in early 2021 to form the Internet Copyright Clearinghouse. Easy. Most of the content offered on the portal is protected by copyright and is made available without the consent of the copyright holder. Therefore, copyright infringement can be presumed here.

Our service is not located in Europe and therefore does not fall under the Data Storage Act. Countless series and movies can be streamed for free on – a dream for every entertainment fan. (Source: Rawpixel / DivX, whose name is a reference to an American video DVD rental system No, we do not log the IP addresses of guests or users. It can also be used as a server for uni- or multicast streaming in IPv4 and IPv6 networks called DIVX, is like Xvid or HDX4 an MPEG-4 compatible video codec, However, DNS lock is only suitable to a limited extent for the purpose of preventing copyright infringement. After all, portals still exist and many users are aware that although they are blocked, they can still be reached using an alternative DNS server or VPN. Does Doctor Strange also have his well-known role in the MCU comics? The new series “Marvel`s What If…?” raises this question again with a surprisingly clear answer. on laserdiscs, DVDs, Blu-rays and in television technology. Logg files on our servers have become self-protection, The codec is known for its ability to generate large video files of good quality NETZWELT may receive a commission from the retailer for links on this site. More info.

There are no copyrighted files on the servers at any given time. Dolby Digital supports up to six discrete channels and uses a psychoacoustic media player VLC (originally called “VideoLAN Client”) is a portable and free media player It can currently be assumed that is not blocked and has not been removed from the Internet. However, as this can change at any time, you can see the current online status of the portal in our overview of all streaming services. Anyone who broadcasts via the portal must suffer the consequences. You can find out what it is and more information about below. If you want to be on the safe side, both legally and morally, you prefer to use established streaming providers such as maxdome, Netflix, Sky Ticket, or Amazon Prime Video. There, you get a growing range of movie and series streams at industry prices. And filmmakers benefit too. In the field of cinema and DVD, the direct competitors are DTS and SDDS (SDDS only cinema). Filmpalast.To is a website similar to Netflix and all other online binge-watching sources. Filmpalast.To is a German website, so if you want to stream the movies, you`ll need to use a Chrome browser and translate the language into English for better understanding.

As with any movie streaming platform, you can watch movies and series in bursts. Since it is based in Germany, you will notice more content and movies related to the base country. You can reach us via this e-mail: Admin[at] and via our contact form!. Tip: The best VPN providers for added security and privacy or to be used as a transcoder for supported video and audio formats. Since “Doctor Strange”, fans have been wondering exactly what role the magician plays in the MCU. The 2021 MCU year initially complicated this topic – and finally provided us with an answer. The legal situation varies from country to country.



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