Small Business Entity Criteria

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(1) Any contractor who receives a timely or untimely protest or who, as a contractor, wishes to protest the representation of a small business owner or the representation of a contractor shall immediately forward the protest to the Director of the SBA Government Contracting Area in the regional government contracting office serving the territory in which the bidder`s head office is located. (1) The Contractor shall include clause 52.219-33, Non-Manufacturer Rule, in tenders and contracts (including multiple purchase contracts where contracts for small businesses may be awarded in accordance with 8.405-5 and 16.505(b)(2)(i)(F) and contracts may be awarded directly to a small business in accordance with 19.504(c)(1)(ii)). (a) The Small Business Act is the authority under which the Small Business Administration (SBA) and agencies consult and cooperate in formulating policies to ensure that the interests of small businesses are recognized and protected. (c) The COC programme applies to all public procurement. An entrepreneur who determines that a demonstrably successful small business supplier is not responsible will refer that small business to the BSO for a potential COC, even if the next acceptable offer is also from a small business. (h) if the BSO determines that the status of a small enterprise as a small business, a veteran-owned small business, a small business owned by disabled veterans, a small business, a disadvantaged small business or a small business owned by women has made a false statement in order to obtain a set-aside contract, a subcontract referred to in Article 8; (a), a subcontract, which is defined as part or all of a subcontract plan or a main or subcontract to be awarded accordingly, or to promote any other provision of federal law that specifically refers to section 8(d) of the Small Business Act for a definition of eligibility for the program, the SBA may take such action as may be specified in Section 16(a) or 16(d) of the Act. If the BSO refuses to take action, the Agency may initiate the process. SBA regulations on penalties for misrepresentation and misrepresentation are in 13 CFR 121,108 for small businesses, 13 CFR 124,501 for 8(a) small businesses, 13 CFR 124,1004 for disadvantaged small businesses, 13 CFR 125.29 for veterans or disabled veterans belonging to small businesses, 13 CFR 126,900 for HUBZone small businesses and 13 CFR 127,700 for women-owned economically disadvantaged small businesses and women-owned small businesses. (WOSB) that are eligible under the WOSB program. (i) The prime contractor may accept written representations from a subcontractor about its size and socio-economic status as a small business, disadvantaged small business, veteran-run small business, small business run by disabled veterans or small business owned by women if the subcontractor provides assurance that the size and socio-economic status represented by its bid will be the date of the bid for which subcontracting is up-to-date, accurate and complete; or group means any non-profit business entity (even if owned by a non-profit entity) with a place of business in the United States or its peripheral territories that makes a significant contribution to the U.S. economy through the payment of taxes and/or the use of U.S. products, materials and/or labor, etc.

The term “Group” includes, but is not limited to, individuals, partnerships, corporations, joint ventures, associations or cooperatives. For more information, see 13 CFR 121.105. Most companies require an Employer Identification Number (EIN). Your EIN is your federal tax number. You should get one right after registering your new business. (1) The purpose of small business diversification is to allocate certain acquisitions exclusively to small enterprises. A “small business only” is the restriction of an acquisition exclusively for the participation of small businesses. The small business set-aside may be open to any of the small business owners listed under 19,000(a)(3). A single acquisition or class of takeovers for small businesses may be set aside in whole or in part. Only small U.S. businesses can submit SBIR and STTR applications. Cooperating research institutes (e.g.

universities) are subcontractors of small companies and cannot apply as candidates. For more information, see the Small Business Administration (SBA) Authorization Guide. b) The customer awards the contract to the company concerned if the SBA issues a COC after receipt of the transfer. An SBA certified company is not required to meet any other liability requirements. SBA COCs are conclusive on all elements of liability for potential small business owners. If the SBA issues a COC, the contractor may decide not to award a contract to that tenderer for reasons unrelated to liability. c) The SBA`s examination of the SDS status of a subcontractor is different from a formal protest. Protests against a small company`s SDB status as a subcontractor are dealt with at 19,703(e).

Protests of the size of a corporation as a general contractor are dealt with at 19,302. Protests regarding the size of a company as a subcontractor will be dealt with at 19,703(b). (2) Use of the HUBZone price rating preference.



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