Aspectos Legales De La Sociedad En Comandita Por Acciones

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“The limited partnership is always formed between one or more partners who jointly and indefinitely assume their responsibility for the corporate activities and one or more partners who limit the liability to their respective contributions. The former are referred to as managing partners or collective partners and the latter as limited partners. If, on the other hand, we refer to limited partners, their liability is limited to contributions. The presence of these two types of partners in limited partnerships is essential, since the partnership must be dissolved without the presence of one of them. The limited partnership by shares is constituted by an authentic deed and must include, among other things, the object and the name of the company, the names and addresses of the domicile of the partners, the contribution made by each of them, according to whether it is a limited partner or a managing partner, the number of shares subscribed, their nominal value and the share paid. The limited partner, who does not have the same capacity to intervene as the general manager of the company, has a right of inspection in order to safeguard his interests in the company. The limited partnership is characterized by the fact that its share capital is divided into shares and not shares. What is the percentage of subscribed shares in the total authorized capital? The position of Commissioner may be held by shareholders or persons outside the Company. However, it may not be taken away from persons excluded from the exercise of the profession, employees and relatives of directors. Article 209 The share capital is divided into shares and may not be transferred without the consent of all the limited partners and two-thirds of the limited partners. A limited partnership is a type of company in which there is a group of management companies accompanied by another group of shareholders who contribute capital without assuming any responsibility beyond their contributions. In addition, these actions must be signed within one year from the date on which the founder or promoter deposited the program in the RCP.

In the event that this does not happen, subscribers will be separated and will be able to withdraw the deposited amounts. Its company name has certain peculiarities that must be strictly respected, so that the name of the public limited company is constituted by shares under one of the following conditions: the managing partner, as his name suggests, is the one who has the representation and management of the company, and in fact the limited partner can not exercise any function of representation of the company, except as a delegate and in exceptional cases. As a general rule, managing partners are subject to partnership rules and limited partnerships are applied by limited partnerships. The number of managing partners and limited partners varies from one to several, since the law does not restrict them in any way and in both cases indicates “one or more partners”, except in the case of the limited partnership, to which we refer a few lines below. The liability of the partners of the limited partnership depends on the type of shareholders. The supervisory body of the limited partnership by shares is composed of the commissioner or commissioners, whose main task is to supervise the actions taken by the directors so that they do not benefit from them at the expense of the shareholders. Just as the limited partnership has two types of partners, there can also be two types or classes: simple limited partnership or limited to shares. Any legislative reform must be approved by all managing partners and by an absolute majority of limited partners. Article 345 of the Commercial Code requires that at least 50% of the share capital be subscribed and that at least one third of the subscribed capital be paid up when the company is incorporated, the same rules applying to the public limited company. The articles of association must stipulate that the company must hold at least fifty percent (50%) of the subscribed shares of the total capital authorized at the time of incorporation and must also pay only one third of the value of each subscribed share. In this type of company, the law has not limited the number of partners or the amount of share capital that must be subscribed and paid. How is the capital of the limited partnership made up of shares? As we have already mentioned, there are two categories or categories of partners in the limited partnership: the dissolution of the limited partnership by shares occurs when losses occur that reduce the rejected assets to less than 50% of the subscribed capital, and when one of the types of partners that make up the company disappears.

A legal reserve is created at least fifty percent (50%) of the subscribed capital, with profits made during each financial year and up to this limit. This will remain the case as long as society endures. The process of drafting the statutes and the information that the partners regulate there is common for the vast majority of Mexican commercial companies. According to Article 323 of the Commercial Code, the limited partnership consists of two categories of partners: some are called managers and others are called limited partners. Without these two categories of partners, there can be no limited partnership. The limited partnership must constitute a legal reserve, an obligation that is not supported by the limited partnership. In the limited partnership by shares, its capital is divided into shares and consists of the contributions of all the shareholders, which they transfer to the one who, as a collective partner, is personally liable for the debts. These two categories of partners who are part of a limited partnership, either simply or by shares, differ in the responsibility they assume at the time of signing the partnership agreement; Managing or collective shareholders are characterized by the fact that their liability is joint, multiple and unlimited. What is the minimum number of shareholders to establish the limited partnership per share? Therefore, limited partners or partners have limited liability, while managing partners who manage the company and its administration have joint and several liability. The advisory body of limited partnerships is the annual general meeting and the supreme organ of the company.

The General Meeting holds ordinary meetings and is divided according to the frequency of these meetings by: We draw your attention to the fact that for the constitution of a limited partnership two types of partners (directors and limited partners) are required, as indicated in Article 323 of the Commercial Code: at the time when the subscribers bring the contribution of the capital they have linked, You will receive provisional certificates, securities that represent registered shares and are exchanged when the shares are fully subscribed.



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